Friday, May 16, 2008

Van tank #2

Well, the stalling problem on the van only happened once. I had the van again yesterday, and it was at 1/8th a tank. I went and filled it up for my wife.

And I just can't resist mixing in a little E85! I'm an addict.

I got 5.067 gallons of E85, 13.769 gallons of 87, and there were 6.134 gallons from the previous tank.

That works out to about 26.6% ethanol in the tank. A little more than last time.

Using E85 saved a whopping $2.50 on this tank.

Mileage was maybe a mpg or two less than on 87, as you would expect.


Josh said...


You have the E85 bug too, eh? I can't resist it either, even at threat of "OMG, ur engine is going to diez!"

Why is that?

buzzcut said...

Well, the E85 pump is right there behind my neighborhood. Using it in moderation works. It's cheaper. I just can't resist it.