Tuesday, May 13, 2008

E85 kit for my Saab

There is a company that makes a CPU reflash for my Saab that allows running straight E85.

Bonus? Horsepower goes from 210 to 238!

There's a place in Yorkville, Illinois that sells and installs the ECU. I'm seeing how much it will cost now.

I might also upgrade the car to dual exhaust at the same time.


Josh said...


I can't find anyone that makes a CPU reflash for my Grand Prix. Are you worried about your fuel injectors in your Saab at all?

I'm sure I've ready about burning them out due to trying to cycle them all of the time to increase fuel flow...

Anonymous said...

Buzz- be sure and let us know what this kit costs. I had a couple of Saab Techs say mine would not work for the factory flash so this is an interesting twist.


buzzcut said...

Al, it looks to me like there are 3 companies doing ECU reflashes for Saabs. Nordic and BSR are the big ones. They both have E85 reflashes.

Don't know why your tech would say that you can't reflash your CPU.

buzzcut said...

Josh, I'm not worried about the injectors, but if you are, maybe you should look into this.

These units wire into the fuel injection circuit and hold the injections open longer. Thus, they're not cycling as much when you're running straight E85.

It looks like it is very easy to install.