Friday, May 2, 2008

Is Meijer ripping us off on E85?

I've long suspected that Meijer's pricing of E85 is a ripoff.

Meijer always has E85 50 cents cheaper per gallon that 87 octane gas, just like gas stations always have premium 20 cents more than 87.

I know for a fact that there are times that refiners "give away" octane. Certain times of the year you can buy gas that is marketed as 87 octane, but that really has 91 or 93 octane. So the cost difference is artificial.

Is the same thing happening at Meijer? An anonymous commenter says:

Buzz- I pay $2.649 for E85. Colorado has stations selling it for $2.40. Meir is overpriced.

Damn! If Meijer had E85 at $2.69 when 87 is at $3.85, my E85 experiment would make a lot more sense!

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Chris said...

Hi Buzz,

I went to Meijer not too long ago (within a couple of weeks) to fill up with E85 at their US 30 station. (I have a Plymouth Grand Voyager that is flex fuel capable). I paid $2.95/gal. The next day the price jumped. The last time I filled up, it was $3.35/gal.

It's too bad that E85 pricing rises and falls with the price of regular unleaded.