Wednesday, May 14, 2008

$3.50 for E85!

And $4.00 for 87 octane at Meijer.


I'm almost at half a tank, and I'm at 23.5 mpg. Pretty consistantly getting that mileage.


Chris said...

Hi Buzz,

It seems strange that E85 prices always increase along with gasoline prices in Northwest Indiana. Looking to the west, there are some places that still have prices still below $3.00. shows E85 at $2.90 in Yorkville, IL.

buzzcut said...

Cool website, Chris, thanks.

It doesn't actually work on my computer. I can't use google maps for some reason. Screwed up flash player or something.

buzzcut said...

Chris, does it give you the price at Gas City in Hammond on Calumet? Allegedly they have E85.

I think that its just Meijer corporate policy to price E85 50 cents less than regular. If we want better pricing, we need to find E85 somewhere other than Meijer.

Chris said...

Hi Buzz,

There only price that was on the site before I submitted prices from stations close to where I am was the Family Express in Valparaiso.

The last time I went by Gas City on US 30 a week or so ago, they were more expensive than Meijer or Family Express.

I've found that Family Express can sometimes be a cent or two cheaper than Meijer. Meijer is closer to me, so I usually just fill up there.

I wonder if it has to do with their E85 supplier?

Chris said...

Do gas stations give out prices over the phone?

I've never called a station to check prices, but I'm tempted to check on E85 prices next time I fill up since there are three nearby stations (but two of them are a little out of the way and I don't always drive by them).