Monday, December 29, 2008

Tank #28

I'm very tardy reporting my latest tank. I filled up last Monday, the 22nd!

Once again, because gasoline was over 10 cents a gallon cheaper than E85, I filled up with premium.

87 octane was $1.56. E85 was $1.69. Premium was $1.76.

I got 14.167 gallons of premium. The tank is now 11.5% ethanol. Octane is 92.7.

The last tank finished up with 23.5 mpg at 32 mph.

I don't notice the car driving any different with E20 or premium. They're equivalent, performance wise.

On the bright side, I saw that gas spiked to $1.66 today. E85 is still $1.69.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cold starting

I can report no cold starting issues on E20. The car has started right up even when it was only 12 degrees outside.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

More on tank #27

It's 21.32% ethanol, and 90.87 octane.

Tank #27

I got the gas warning light today, and I was close to Gas City in Hammond, so I filled up there. They have E85 and gas on the same pumps, so it makes mixing easier. They also have E85 made by Verasun, and it was the same price as 87 ($1.80 a gallon).

Gallons E85: 3.028 @ $1.80

Gallons 87 Octane: 10.971 @ $1.80

Gallons from tanks # 26 (@11.63% ethanol): 2.401

Tanks #26 finished at 25.5 mpg at 36 average mph. I made a trip up to O'Hare, and that skewed the results. My ride back from the airport averaged 65 mph (including the local portion!). I was flying down the tollway.

The return of the price spread!

We've had a little spike in gas prices in the last day. Prices jumped from $1.45 a gallon to $1.80 a gallon in a couple of days.

The good news is that corresponded with a drop in E85 prices, and there is now a 10 cent spread between E85 and gasoline. E85 is $1.70 at Meijer.

According to my spreadsheet, E85 should cost around $1.60, so we're not getting gouged too much.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tank #26

I filled up at Meijer yesterday evening.

Gas was going for $1.50. E85 is still stuck at $1.99.

I chose to fill up with premium only.

I got 14.282 gallons of 93 Octane at $1.70 a gallon. My tank is now 11.69% ethanol.

I hope that Meijer lowers the E85 price soon. I see that other stations in the area are at parity.

Monday, December 1, 2008

This is just getting ridiculous

Meijer prices as of this morning:

87 Octane: $1.59
93 Octane: $1.79

E85: $1.99

That price isn't going to drop until that E85 tank is dry, but at that price no one is buying E85!