Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hard starting!

When I left work yesterday at 4:30 PM it was 47 DEGREES!!!!

My car actually was a little hard to start. It stumbled on the first turn, and I had to hit the ignition again. Not a big deal, but a little surprising nonetheless.

And that's only on 30% ethanol! I wonder how hard 70% ethanol would be to start, and when it's REALLY cold.


Chris said...

There's a winter and summer E-85 blend designed to make it easier to start vehicles in the winter. E-85 gets blended to 70/30 when it gets colder.

However, it sounds like your 30% ethanol mix was tough to start.

Anonymous said...

How many miles are on this car Buzz?

Try key on pause and turn to start next cold AM to see if allowing fuel pump to come to full pressure will make a difference.