Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tank #8

I filled up at Meijer this morning. Here are the stats:

Price E85: $3.36 a gallon
Price 87 Octane gas: $3.86 a gallon

Gallons E85: 5.017
Gallons 87 Octane: 10.007
Gallons left from tank #7 (@~32.939% ethanol): 1.376

I'm assuming that the E85 is 75% ethanol, 100 octane.

Ethanol content of tank #8: 31.809%
Octane of tank #8: 91.365

Tank 7 finished with a mileage of 24.2. Average speed was 30mph.

After I filled up, on the way to work, I was briefly at 30.1 mpg coming off of Cline Ave. The car has excellent highway mileage. Turbos are amazing.

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