Thursday, May 8, 2008

Meijer's E85 pump was busy this morning!

As I was driving by on the way to work, a restyled, first gen Dodge Caravan was fueling up. I'd guess that it was maybe a '93 or '94. Definately NOT flex fuel. Not OBDII either. I think it was a woman driving. I wonder how E85 is working for her.

Waiting to fuel up was a late model Impala. Could have been flex-fuel. Same color as the last, non-flex-fuel Impala I saw fueling up after tank #6. Could have been the same guy.


Chris said...

Hi Buzz,

Do you know if there's a widget for E85 prices?

Q.McFarlan said...


People that are willing to try running E85 in non-FFVs are awesome. If I didn't have a note on my car, I'd be filling up with straight E85 to see what happens... but for now, I'm mixing :)

buzzcut said...

Sorry Chris. I looked for an E85 widget for about 10 minutes, but only found the gas price one on the front page.

Chris said...

Hi Buzz,

Thanks for looking around. I'm sure someone will come up with one sooner or later.

Douglas said...

I just converted my car to run on E85 . I purchased a kit from that allowed me to run on E85.