Friday, July 15, 2016

tank #17

gallons E85: 4.004 @ $1.889/ gallon

gallons 87 octane gas: 8.954 @ 2.189/ gallon

ethanol content of tank: 31.77%

Octane of tank: 91.98

savings over premium @ $2.689/ gallon: $7.682

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Thoughts on E85 pricing

So I have a Meijer right behind my house, and they have E85.  It is very convenient, and I probably would not use E85 if it were not so convenient.

Even so...

My Meijer prices E85 30 cents less than regular gas.  At a Meijer in another town down the road from me, there is a Speedway gas station next door that also sells E85.  There, they sell E85 for a lower, more market oriented price.

For example, when I got E85 for $1.79, they had it for $1.61 a gallon.  Speedway had it for $1.63 a gallon.

I have heard that, for stations that carry it and price it right, E85 is the second best selling fuel after regular gas.  Sells better than 89 or 93 octane.  I guess I just don't understand why Meijer doesn't use a market price wherever they sell E85 and sell more of it.  I guess that doesn't make the most money for them.

tank #16

The E85 pumps at Meijer are in bad shape, one was out of service on the E85 side, the other out of service on the gas side.  Even that pump was pumping really slow, so I only got 3 gallons of E85 instead of 4, and had to go to a second pump to get the gas!

Gallons E85: 3.004 @ $1.749/ gallon

Gallons of 87 octane gas: 9.695 @ 2.049/ gallon

ethanol content of tank: 20.56% to 23.94%

octane of tank: 89.2 to 90.2

savings over premium @ 2.749/ gallon: $9.98

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Two tanks of nuthin!

I went on a trip with the car last weekend, I had two partial tanks of gas (~10 gallons each).  Just 87 octane, not premium, no E85.  I think I detected some pre-detonation on acceleration onto the highway, hard to tell.

No CEL's on the last tank with ethanol, but I only got down to about 3/4 of a tank.  My next tank will be 4 gallons of E85 and the rest 87 octane gas, just to prove one way or the other that I get a CEL or not over about 25% ethanol, which is what I found during the winter.

I'm now running about 13% ethanol in my tank, car running great.  No issues at this time.  Almost 159k miles on the odometer.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Tank #15

Since we are in the summer months, you'd think that the ethanol content of E85 would be higher.  But I have not seen evidence of that, no CEL's.

I've decided to increase my ethanol content a bit, going with 4 gallons of E85 instead of 3.5.  In the winter, this gave me an occasional CEL, towards the end of the tank and which would clear itself.  We'll see.

Gallons E85: 4.000 @ $1.949/ gal

Gallons 87 octane: 8.821 @ 2.249 / gal

Ethanol content of tank: 27.2%

Octane of tank: 90.7

Savings per tank vs. premium at $2.749/ gal: $7.6105

Friday, June 3, 2016

Tank 14

Pricing of E85 has improved.  It is now 30 cents less than regular gas.

Gallons E85: 3.507 @ $1.979/gal

Gallons 87 Octane: 10.5 @ 2.279

Ethanol content of tank: 22.64%

Octane of tank: 89.74

Savings per tank over premium at 2.779: $8.06

Getting 30 cents off really increased the savings per tank.

Monday, May 23, 2016

tank 13: all gas!

I was out an about when I ran out of gas, and had to go all 87 octane straight gas.

Since then I've driven about 200 miles with no noticeable performance difference.  I'm not noticing less power or pinging.

Acura recommends 91 octane fuel for this vehicle, but being a modern vehicle with electronic ignition and a knock sensor, it can run fine on 87 octane.  You don't notice the power drop under normal driving.