Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tank #7

I filled up at Meijer this morning. Here are the stats:

Price E85: $3.30 a gallon
Price 87 Octane gas: $3.80 a gallon

Gallons E85: 5.000
Gallons 87 Octane: 9.004
Gallons left from tank 6 (@~31.343% ethanol): 2.396

I'm assuming that the E85 is 75% ethanol, 100 octane.

Ethanol content of tank #7: 32.939%
Octane of tank #7: 91.629

Tank 6 finished with a mileage of 23.5. Average speed was 28mph.

After I filled up, on the way to work, I was briefly at 29 mpg at 45 mph average speed. I don't think highway mileage is any worse on E85.

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Q.McFarlan said...

There isn't too much difference. On my last tank of 50/50, I got roughly 10-12% less gas mileage wit the mix. Not enough to stop me from running it.