Tuesday, May 27, 2008

E85 setting new price records...

...right along with gasoline!

It was $3.59 at the Meijer on Rt. 41 yesterday, when gas was $4.09. It was $3.55 at the Meijer on Indy this morning, with gas at $4.05.

I'm seriously considering getting the Scangage II. Amazon has it for $157 with no tax and free shipping.

It is obvious that the Saab can do fine at 30% ethanol without throwing any CELs, but it's about time to see how far we can push it beyond 30%. I'll get a CEL, but is it really causing a dangerous lean condition? Need the Scangage to find out.


Anonymous said...

Buzz- do you know if the ScangageII will let you see boost?
That is my only disappointment w/ my Actron unit.

I am paying $2.839 for E85 here- gas is $3.949-4.199


buzzcut said...

It doesn't look like it does boost. I'm guessing that boost is not a part of the standard OBDII protocol.

I'm more interested in seeing how hard the injections are being worked. If I'm going to go into CEL territory, I want to know that the injections aren't being maxed out and the mixture isn't going lean.

Chris said...

Hi Buzz,

Family Express was at $2.99 -- a more reasonable price for E-85 throughout the weekend. (My wife advises she saw that the price hasn't risen as of this afternoon).

I haven't had to fill up since I last filled up at Meijer last Friday -- if I would have known before, I would have saved a nice chunk of change over my fill-up at Meijer by going to Winfield.

I hope the competition helps pull down Meijer's prices in the area.

Anonymous said...

Buzz- will the scangage II let you see duty cycle of the injectors or will you have to go by trim and O2 readings as would have to do with mine?
Does one have to have the GM scan equip to see full data or does this only give you the brake and trans info but nothing more for engine data?


buzzcut said...

Scangage has an "add a gauge" feature that can show vehicle specific data.


Fuel trim and O2 sensor readings are specifically called out. That's pretty much all I need to run ethanol past the CEL limit, right?

Anonymous said...

Buzz- trim and O2 should be ok for your purposes. I see in enhanced data if your vehicle reports it you can pick up fuel preesure and pulse count. You can watch your O2 front sensors to see if they are oscilating both sides of 0.4v- not staying down below that number any more than above it. (Narrow band sensor). At least that is my opinion- you may want to check this # with a Saab Tech. If you stay below this # you will be lean from several possible factors- not large enough injector and you are running out of available pulse width, low fuel pressure (pump problem?), other--