Friday, March 18, 2016

Tank #8

I was running late today, but the low fuel light was on so I had to get gas.

Pulled up to Meijer and someone had just pulled into one of the E85 capable pumps, and the other one was out of service.  D'oh!

I took the opportunity to fill up with 93 octane to see how the car runs on that.

First impression?  No difference.  The same sound the engine makes under load with E25 it made with 93 octane.  Maybe it's not a pre-ignition sound like I think, could just be something else.

No CEL's

3.5 gallons of E85 in the tank is the sweet spot, got through this tank with no CEL's whatsoever.  Right around E25.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Tank #7

E85: 3.5 gallons @ $1.599/ gallon

87 Octane: 8.74 gallons @ $1.889/ gallon

Ethanol %: 25.56%

Octane: 90.371

So far so good, I ran 175 miles on this tank with no CEL's, but it was mostly highway miles.  I tend to get the CEL driving aggressively around town.

No CEL's!

I finished out this tank of E20 with no CEL's whatsoever.  E20 is stable in this vehicle.  Unfortunately, that is only about 89 octane according to my calculations.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Tank #6

Well, I f-ed up.  I meant to put in 3.5 gallons of E85, and instead I put in $3.50 of E85!  D'Oh!  At least I'm not getting any CEL's, although I think it sounds worse under acceleration (i.e. pre-detonation)

Gallons E85: 2.204 @ $1.589/ gallon

Gallons 87 Octane: 11.536 @ 1.689/ gallon

Ethanol %: 20.06%
Octane: 89.4

Savings per tank over premium @ $2.089/ gallon: $5.72

The car is running well, other than the occasional CEL, no issues.

I'm going on a trip this weekend and will run some premium (93 octane) to see how that compared to my E85 mix.


This tank was BAD.  I got the CEL early and often.  It eventually cleared right before I had to fill up again.

Bottom line is that 4 gallons of E85 in a tank is pushing it.  ~E25 is not stable in this car.

I'll try 3.5 gallons of E85 in my next tank

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tank #5

Gallons E85: 4.020
Price E85: $1.509

Gallons 87: 8.371
price 87: $1.609

tank ethanol %: 27.59
tank octane: 91.13

Savings per tank compared with premium @ 2.009: $5.35

Despite getting a CEL briefly, the car ran well.  I also added some Seafoam to the tank about halfway through to further clean the fuel system.

Got a CEL, cleared itself

Once again at about 3/4 of a tank, I got a CEL.  This time is was P0171 and P0174, both lean conditions related to too much E85, I believe.

After a few miles, the CEL cleared.  I'm not sure what is actually going on except that E25 is borderline for this vehicle.