Monday, August 11, 2008

Scangauge pic

I REALLY like this thing. Currently, I'm displaying instant mpg, ignition advance, manifold absolute pressure, and open/ closed loop.

I'm going to download the codes to add fuel trim and the O2 sensor to the display.


zenbeer said...

What did the scangauge cost? I'm shopping around for an ECU tuner next myself.

Here's the fill-up data from today:

I've hit 40% ethanol (E40) with this fill.
Data: Tank #4 splash blend

Price E85: $3.099
Price 87 Octane gas: $3.649 a gallon

Gallons E85: 6.01
Gallons 87 Octane: 8.51
Gallons left from tank #2 (36% ethanol): 2.48

Ethanol content of tank #4 - 40.3% (if 85% ethanol)
Ethanol content of tank #3 - 35.0% (if 70% ethanol)

I'm not sure what the exact octane level is, but think it's around 95 with this current blend. This is based on estimates that E-85 is about 100 octane.

(Kansas Law states ethanol must be a minimum of 70% ethanol to be classified as E85, hence the two percentages above)


buzzcut said...

Scangauge is $160 at Amazon, no tax, free shipping.

Check out this. It has a table that tells you what the minimum ethanol content is in your area at any time. Right now, you're getting E85 that has a minimum content of 79%, and a maximum of 83%. More than likely, you're closer to 83% than 79%.

Interestingly, E85 is never 85% ethanol!

Anonymous said...

Buzz- I am assuming this is plugging into the below dash normal OBD2 port where the regular scan tool plugs in right??- (not hardwired to the ECU)

Thanks for showing this Buzz- a much neater deal than trying to shove a diagnostic handheld scan tool in view.


buzzcut said...

Yeah, it plugs into the OBD port under the dash.