Monday, August 25, 2008

EPA overstepping its authority.

From commenter 2.0T BOI, we find this article about the EPA hassling people who mix E85 in their non-flex fuel vehicles:

What is E30?

E30 is gasoline that contains 30 percent ethanol. The fuel can't legally be put into vehicles that were not made to run on more than 10 percent ethanol.

WARNING: EPA claims the right under the Clean Air Act to fine individual car owners who illegally fill up with a fuel like E30, because the fuel could damage emission control systems, said Dave Ryan, an EPA spokesman. Violations of the law carry potential fines of $2,750. "Depending on the circumstances of each case, there could be cases where the individual motorist would potentially be liable, along with the retailer and/or the retailer's supplier," Ryan said in an e-mail. Ethanol increases the oxygen content of engine exhaust and that can disable a car's emission system if it isn't designed to accommodate the fuel, experts say.

That's a bunch of BS right there. Who are these "experts" and what evidence do they have to say that excess oxygen in the fuel disables the car's emissions system.

I don't think that there is any evidence to say that. In fact, I have 10k miles worth of evidence to the contrary siting in my driveway!

The EPA talks a good game, but they're a bunch of pussies. All the evidence that they need to prosecute someone is RIGHT HERE! I even have the receipts for all the E85 I've bought, and spreadsheets documenting everything. Come and get me. I look forward to challenging their evidence in open court.

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