Thursday, August 7, 2008

My first trip to Gas City

So I checked out Gas City on Calumet in Hammond, Indiana. It's WAAAAAAY nicer than Miejer. Every single pump is E85 capable. Instead of selling mid-grade, they sell E85. Pumps are newer, and they're in excellent shape.

Now the downside: Gas City gouges worse than Meijer! They sell E85 for 40 cents less than regular. Worse, they sell regular for 15 cents more than Meijer! I think that Gas City caters to people coming over from Illinois, and those customers are willing to pay quite a bit more than Hoosiers.

Even so, Gas City is not that far out of my way (maybe 2 miles total, and they're all on the Bohrman), I like their pumps, and the whole experience was pretty nice. I might go back!

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