Friday, April 4, 2008

And the CEL is...

...O2 Sensor too lean.

Went to Autozone, they used the scantool to read and clear the code.

Nice little service that they offer there.


Anonymous said...

You may not have been too lean at all- it also could be that your ECU reported that it was outside of preset parameters as it was trying to meet the lean situation. (in other words you may have been at stoich but the computer was outside of it's "safe" range. Do you remember the code #? Were you under hard acceleration when (or shortly before) the code was set?

I still have not pushed mine beyond 20%. Will do so soon. Round trpped north side of Chicago again Friday. With 3 in the car going (2 coming home), sitting in a 5 mile stretch for 20 minutes, and about 1/3 of the tank in stop and go city driving- we got 30.1 MPG on E20. Looks like we will be doing this again tomorrow- I may boost it to 30%.


buzzcut said...

Al, on one occasion I was accelerating up a bridge when the code was thrown.

Without a scantool with real time O2 readings, I'm not comfortable throwing codes. I want to find an operating level of ethanol that doesn't throw a code, and see how that works long term.

Like I said, for my car, that seems to be 30%.

I understand your point, and maybe if I get the ScangaugeII, I'll look into that more. Even if you're not really running lean, you would be constantly clearing codes (or running with the CEL on).