Wednesday, April 2, 2008

CEL update

Well, I forgot to go to Autozone. Instead, I cleared the code myself by disconnecting the negative terminal of the battery.

Driving to work today on the 36% ethanol tank, I got over the East Chicago bridge without incident. I'm hopeful that this ethanol content won't throw a code.

Just looking at the mileage indicator on the dash, 36% ethanol gets a lot better mileage than 43% did.


Anonymous said...

It really is pretty amazing when you find the sweet spot for ethanol on an engine- they each have their own unique %. Your challenge will be finding that spot and keeping it there. Just as your chart shows- it is time for the E70 blend to start changing to 76-78% ethanol. I know the stations i fill at are going to start this process over the next 2 weeks. That will move you about 30% of 6-8% or 2-3% in your final blend of E35.


Anonymous said...

My wife just roundtripped North Side of Chicago from Central Wisconsin on E20 in our 9.3 Aero. She is fairly aggressive in her driving style and also did some short shopping runs while there. I checked the computer and she got 30.5 mpg. By a hand calc she got 30.0 mpg.

Do you have a scan tool Buzz? A basic one is $29-60, more advanced that can clear codes and print out info $75-125. Even more advanced ones also allow you to look at live sensor data and can be had for $125-150.


buzzcut said...

Alcohol, I'm probably going to pick up the Scangage II at some point here. It's a pretty advanced scantool, clearing code and showing data from 4 sensors at a time.