Monday, September 8, 2008

What should E85 Cost? 9/9/08 edition

I'm calculating between $2.65 and $2.90 a gallon. That's for 74% ethanol, which is what we're supposed to be getting in Illinois and Indiana this month.

Meijer had it at $3.38 this morning.


briefs said...

I saw it at $2.99 in Valpo this morning. Market is pretty fluid with hurricanes, floods, increasing supply, decreasing demand, and lots of talk of more oil drilling.

I would bet that refiners are finding a sweet spot where they can make some margin while the regular gasoline prices come down little by little.

buzzcut said...

Family Express, right? They're always at $2.99. It's like their loss leader.

Well, not loss. They're making 10 cents a gallon according to my worst case!

They're just not gouging us like Meijer and Gas City.