Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I drove a REAL flex-fuel vehicle...

...but not on E85.

I had to go to Tulsa on business, and because of the hurricane, there was literally only one rental car left, a Lincoln Town Car.

Lo and behold, it had a yellow gas cap indicating that it was a flex fuel vehicle.

Sadly, I couldn't find an E85 station in Tulsa, and the car had a full tank anyway.

But if you're in the market for a FFV, maybe a used Towncar is the way to go. There aren't that many FFV cars, they're mostly SUVs.


Anonymous said...

I believe this is the same motor as the Crown Vic Police Interceptor (maybe depowered a bit).

May not be the best fuel efficiency for a daily driver.


buzzcut said...

Phil, the mpg meter on the dash said 20.0 mpg when I picked it up. It actually went up to 20.1 in suburban traffic!

I'd guess that it would get 25+ on the highway.

Not bad for such a big car. It seats 6.

I looked it up, and it has 239 hp with the dual exhaust, which is standard on the Towncar.

Anonymous said...

That really is not too bad for such a huge car.

The local sheriff's depts have the Crown Vic FFV's and use E85 in them. It was kind of funny about a month ago- the sheriff told me that their non-FFV versions of these cars had been using straight NL (E0) from the Hwy Dept tank and had gone thru 5 fuel pumps in 2 weeks so they switched to E10. Something must have been wrong with that E0. Kinda the inverse of what you hear on the web from anti-ethanol folks. They have not yet determined the cause though- if it was a fluke of bad luck on these standard fuel pumps or bad E0. Sheriff was concerned because all he had running was his FFV's and 1 standard cruiser.