Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good resource regarding converting to E85

Evidently, there was a conference in Minnesota about converting non-flex-fuel vehicles to E85.

Here is the powerpoint presentation.

There is a LOT of good information in there. I especially liked the presentations from the Ford and GM folks about the changes they've made in their FFVs to survive E85.

I wonder how many of the issues they bring up are really a big deal.


Anonymous said...

I was there Buzz- the automakers goal in this meeting was in part to make sure kits did not happen by implying there was "just too much too change". The USEPA did chide them a bit for not making the part #'s used in cars trackable enough that the kitmakers could figure out w/o having to resubmit entire fuel systems for each car- if they could have had complete part #'s then approvals for durability and permeability could have been done by common components. The meeting was interesting but was going nowhere helpful that I could see- i was held primarily because the MN gov'nor said it would be.


buzzcut said...

I was actually thinking of doing a part number comparison on the 9-3 vs. the biopower version. Not entirely sure how I would do that.

Anonymous said...

Buzz- in that meeting the discussion minutes are not complete but I do remember the 2 EPA guys mention two tracking organizations names that attempt to maintain such info outside of the automakers- however the EPA admitted that the data is incomplete on many autos.

Since the biopower model is only UK and Sweden then it is not likely one can just waltz into a US dealer and ask.