Monday, October 26, 2009

Tank #53

I put a little too much E85 in this tank. I was thinking that E85 is 70% gas now, but the switchover isn't until November. You can see that I'm a little high on the ethanol content, and I was getting LTFT of 24, just under the 25 that will set off the CEL. But I didn't get a CEL, and we now know EXACTLY what the limit is.

You can also see that my mileage SUCKED, partially because of the extra ethanol, partially because of the cold weather, partially because I did more local driving for some reason.

Date: 10/14/2009
Gallons E85: 7.033
Gallones regular: 6.494
Left from last tank: 2.873
Price E85: 2.26
Price regular: 2.36

Ethanol %: 42.26%
Octane: 95.25620155

Mileage of tank 52: 21.4 mpg
Average speed: 33 mph

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