Monday, October 26, 2009

Chevy Avalanche

A flex fuel Chevy Avalanche filled up at the E85 pump at Meijer right after me.

Man, that's a big truck. It simply dwarfs my little Saab.

I bet that he gets single digit mileage on E85.


1outlaw said...

Low teens city or mid-teens hwy


1outlaw said...

Have you considered putting a kit on your Saab?

I looked at it on mine and was not sure I could even get to the injector wiring clip. I'm pretty sure it would work fine on it as long as one stayed out of open loop (at WOT). The other issue would be cold starts (the enrichment would not be enough) but for me that would not be an issue- I park and cover mine in late Nov when the big snows start coming. (That's the drawback to the Aero version with the airdam about 4 inches off the ground PLUS the six speed manual trans)

I just cannot see how I can get access to those injectors.

Delphi has also come out with heated injectors for FFV's. Properly upsized- these might be the best solution of all- better than the kit.

buzzcut said...

I've had the engine cover off and examined the fuel rail and injectors. No, it isn't easy to get access to the injectors, the rail is in the way.

If I were going to try to run straight E85, I'd look at upsized injectors and maybe an adjustable fuel pressure regulator.

1outlaw said...

Yes- and those larger heated injectors should be the cat's meow for cold start and efficiency.

Chris said...

I just got back from vacation where I rented a flex fuel Pontiac G6 sedan. We were able to fill it with a tank of e85. I think the car got about 20mpg on the stuff if we were lucky. I imagine that the Avalanche gets less than 15mpg.

We opted for the fuel purchase so we could return the car with an empty tank. The car had a full tank of fuel when we got it but got really bad mileage. I suspect that the person who rented it last also filled it with e85 or that Avis did. If Avis is charging you for a tank of gasoline and then filling their cars with e85 it's a scam.

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