Friday, November 21, 2008

Hits keep on coming

Meijer still has E85 at $1.99. Regular is down to $1.76, and PREMIUM is a mere $1.96.

Premium is now cheaper than E85. Unbelievable.

I have to think that sales of E85 are negligible. That is probably why the price of E85 is stuck at $1.99. It's the same E85 in the tank from weeks ago!


Joeypete said...

Interesting...similar out here too...though the E85 is same price as regular here...some places gas is cheaper. I'll have to ask next time I fill up how the sales are. There was a minivan filling with E85 when I was...

Anonymous said...

Sales are down - with plant profits down right now production growth has come to a halt and the ethanol is headed into E10 for now where it has higher value as octane enhancer. Rack wholesale gas (conventional) is bouncing around $1 (before tax, freight, margins)- incredible. Oil refiners are running about a minus $7 per barrel on the gasoline side but getting a decent return on diesel.