Thursday, July 10, 2008


The afternoon after I bought E85 the price was 5 cents per gallon less.


Scott said...

What state do you buy your E-85 in? I know corn spot prices went up from the Mississippi river flooding a lot of the corn fields along the banks, but this should be short term. I'm paying $3.09/gal for E-85 here, I'm in Kansas but go 6 miles across to Missouri to get mine at the Conoco/Phillips.

I was very impressed with their station. There's an E-85 pump nozzle on a credit card capable pump with the other 3 grades of gasoline to the right. Makes swiping the card and filling up with 2 kinds of fuel very easy.

buzzcut said...

I live in Northwest Indiana, just over the border from Illinois, maybe 2 miles into Hoosierdom.

I would literally kill a small animal to pay $3.09 for E85. That is exactly in line with what my spreadsheet is telling me E85 should cost! And I'm talking the price for ethanol at the Chicago Board of Trade, which is 20 miles from my house as the crow flies!


You're lucky, dude. Although, I suppose that if I was willing to drive 6 miles, I could get E85 for $2.99. There's one local chain that sells it for that low, but it's not very close.

Scott said...

You could always take a few gas-cans of ethanol home with you at that price and keep it in the garage.

Anonymous said...

e85 is about $3.09 per gallon where I live in Upstate New York. I'm currently working out of state just 4 miles from the only e85 station in New England. The price there was under $3.00 but I have to cross a toll bridge (both ways) to get to it.