Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Comment on new train station in Gary

Commenter g has an awesome comment on the proposed station in Gary:

There is already a train station in Gary that hasn't created development. Same thing as the Genesis Center and Rail Cats' stadium. I don't think the sweetheart deals for the Bennigan's and new strip center across the street are nothing more than public funds used for private gains.

This is a terrible idea being pushed by the contractors in the "Gateway Group" and the politicians they can buy.

How does it possibly help Gary to remove the train station in Miller? That is their tax base and to make it even less attractive to live in would be a disaster.

Just raise the platforms at Miller and downtown Gary like NICTD has already done in recent years for all the other stations (at least from OD/Portage to Chicago) and the "travel time" problem will be solved.

Besides, $120M for a new station that hardly anyone will use and is reported to be only 60K SF is just a mind-boggling number at $2,000/sf. Sure, the rail elements might be expensive, but this has ridiculous profits built in for the contractors to pay their cronies. Just like the Rail Cats' stadium cost and the cost to build the new strip center across the street, THIS WILL JUST BE MORE OF THE SAME THIEVERY OF TAXPAYERS FOR PRIVATE GAINS.

Sorry for the rant, but this is preposterous an so many levels.

At the Railcats stadium, someone said that it cost $54 million to build that stadium, which works out to be $10,000 per seat. That's more costly than New Yankee Stadium in the Bronx!

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