Monday, June 16, 2008

Conductivity meter to determine ethanol content?

How about this?


Anonymous said...

Buzz- the same Federal Handbook with the phase separation test and the seasonal blends also has in the very back a proceedure for testing conductivity tests. Sorry- i did not go back and look at it or compare the meter specs to the expected test range. Thanks for the link to the meter- I will have to give it a look in the future.

By the way- when I do phase separation tests I dump it into my FFV tank (in E85)to get rid of it. It should also be ok to do limited samples into E30 also.


buzzcut said...

Yeah, I saw the method of using the conductivity meter in that handbook, so I Googled it to find a meter for sale. 80 or so bucks is not bad.

Unfortunately, the handbook doesn't tell you how to translate the meter output into % ethanol!

I also saw that somebody hacked the old GM fuel sensor. He connected it to his fuel return line, and had a Serbian (?!?) technology firm build him a reader with a small LCD that he mounted in his cockpit (it was an Evo).

I'm on the lookout for the fuel sensor on Ebay...