Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Crown Vic tank #4

I had to fill up my Acura with gas because all the E85 pumps were taken.

I filled up the Crown Vic with E85... but I had to fight with a lady over the pump!  Mexican standoff, she was coming in one direction and I in another.  It seems to me that Meijer E85 is becoming more popular.

I filled up at 106432, last tank was at 106166.  17.32 gallons over 266 miles is 15.35 mpg.  Not fantastic mileage!  Mix of highway and suburban driving.

E85 was $1.82 per gallon, 87 octane was $2.02, and premium was $2.42, for a savings of $10.32 per tank.

The car is running flawlessly, no issues with E85 other than fighting over the pump at Meijer!

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