Wednesday, January 25, 2017

tank #31

It's been awhile since I filled this vehicle up with E85.  The pumps at Meijer have been out of order, I've probably gone through 3 tanks of straight 87 octane gas.  No driveability issues whatsoever.

gallons e85: 4.002 @ $1.759 / gallon
gallons 87 octane gas: 8.749 @ $1.959 / gallon

ethanol % per tank: 28.49%
octane per tank: 91.232

savings per tank vs. premium @ $2.359 / gallon: $5.90

Notice that the differential between E85 and gas has come down to 20 cents from 30 cents per gallon.  I don't know if this reflects winter E85 vs. Summer E85 (more gasoline in the E85 in winter).

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