Monday, October 24, 2016

Tank #26

I got a CEL a little before halfway through the last tank, and it cleared in about 50 miles or so.  Stayed off for the rest of the tank.

I decreased the amount of ethanol in this tank as a result.  I think 4 gallons of E85 per tank is the sweet spot, the most that can be used without risking a check engine light.  I put a little more than that in this tank.

I got about 269 miles before the low gas light came on, about 11 miles less than the all gasoline tank.  That's a trivial loss in mileage.

gallons e85: 4.182 @ $1.559/ gallon

gallons 87 octane gasoline: 8.469 @ 1.859/ gallon

ethanol content of tank: 36.27%

octane of tank: 92.988

savings per tank compared to premium @ $2.559/ gallon: $7.58

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