Monday, August 29, 2016

Discrepancies in E85 pricing due to lack of competition

I was driving on Route 6 in Portage, IN yesterday, and I noticed a lot of stations with E85 (a couple of Family Express', Meijer) within close proximity.  They were charging $1.499 for E85.

At my station, the Meijer in Highland, IN the E85 is priced at $1.889.  It's the only station within miles that sells E85.

That's pretty amazing.  E85 at $1.50 is very compelling when 87 octane (E10) is at $2.29 and 93 octane gas is at $2.69.

I've read that Family Express has started to install blender pumps, and that E85 is the second most popular fuel at their stations.

There is a Family Express in Highland, they just changed brands from Thorton, and they don't yet sell E85.  I hope they upgrade the station soon.

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