Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Thoughts on E85 pricing

So I have a Meijer right behind my house, and they have E85.  It is very convenient, and I probably would not use E85 if it were not so convenient.

Even so...

My Meijer prices E85 30 cents less than regular gas.  At a Meijer in another town down the road from me, there is a Speedway gas station next door that also sells E85.  There, they sell E85 for a lower, more market oriented price.

For example, when I got E85 for $1.79, they had it for $1.61 a gallon.  Speedway had it for $1.63 a gallon.

I have heard that, for stations that carry it and price it right, E85 is the second best selling fuel after regular gas.  Sells better than 89 or 93 octane.  I guess I just don't understand why Meijer doesn't use a market price wherever they sell E85 and sell more of it.  I guess that doesn't make the most money for them.

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