Friday, March 11, 2016

Tank #6

Well, I f-ed up.  I meant to put in 3.5 gallons of E85, and instead I put in $3.50 of E85!  D'Oh!  At least I'm not getting any CEL's, although I think it sounds worse under acceleration (i.e. pre-detonation)

Gallons E85: 2.204 @ $1.589/ gallon

Gallons 87 Octane: 11.536 @ 1.689/ gallon

Ethanol %: 20.06%
Octane: 89.4

Savings per tank over premium @ $2.089/ gallon: $5.72

The car is running well, other than the occasional CEL, no issues.

I'm going on a trip this weekend and will run some premium (93 octane) to see how that compared to my E85 mix.

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