Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tank #47

Filled up on 8/7/2009:

Gallons E85: 6.017 @ $2.30/ gallon
Gallons regular: 8.225 @ 2.58/ gallon
Gallons left: 2.158 @ 39.64% ethanol

Ethanol content: 39.22%
Octane: 93.83178052

Tank #46:
Average MPH: 34


Joeypete said...

Wow I can't believe our E85 is cheaper here than by you! It's $2.05 a gallon at the station I go to.

buzzcut said...

Yeah, Meijer is a bunch of bastards. They just look at the price of gas and price it accordingly. Gas prices go up, so does E85.

$2.05 is good. Using my spreadsheet as to what E85 should cost based on spot market prices and taxes, that's right in the middle of my range.