Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Was I being hard on Ed Wallace?

Was he right in taking offense as my characterization of his sources as "Bernie's Garage and Hot Dog Emporium"?

I think that that's rather funny.

Anyway, maybe I have too high expectations for so called journalists. I could blog an article with tighter sources than that BW article. At least I would provide some hyperlinks.


Billyk said...

You were not being too hard on this "journalist". Unfortunately many "media" types lack a history of in-depth reporting. Cheerleaders often comes to my mine. As for ethanol, I run E20-25 blends in my 2005 Escape Hybrid as frequently as possible. There are few and far in-between ethanol pumps in Western Pa.

1outlaw said...

No you were not too hard on him- if he calls himself a journalist then he needs to be one with pride in his work that comes from accurate research to his stories. I could see the second I read your post that "Joe's Garage" was "tongue in cheek" for yet another opinion of the underqualified source. He's just hot because you called him out. He has also been called out on other blogs and websites for this very article. Perhaps next time he will go to multiple qualified sources to get BOTH sides instead of writing opinion pieces.

Joeypete said...

His editorial was very vague in my opinion. I guess the whole topic can be subjective because really how do you prove either way if ethanol damages fuel pumps or other parts? I think about my E85 usage in my brand new car all the time. Who knows, I could kick myself in another 20K miles of using it...but I feel confident that it is safe to use in non-FFV's. Thank you for standing up for us alcoholics! LOL