Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I meet a Drunken Kraut at Meijer

First of all, I had to wait for the E85 pump. A lady was filling up a flex fuel Impala. Haven't seen ANYONE at the E85 pump in awhile. Now that there's a 25 cent per gallon difference in prices, maybe demand is picking up.

Then, as I'm pumping, a guy in a late model BMW 330i pulls up behind me. As I finish and drive over to the gas pump, he slides in and puts a couple gallons in. Then he too drives over to a regular pump and fills the rest of the way up.

He came over and asked, "are you doing the same thing I'm doing"? Turns out that he has a new 335i on order, and is messing around with E85 because of the turbos. He said that he puts about 25% ethanol in there. No problems thus far.

And to make things stranger... he works at the same place I do. With a couple thousand employees, it's hard to know everybody.

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