Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Minus 8 degrees, she still starts on E25!

Getting off work last Thursday, the thermometer read minus 8 degrees!

The car really didn't want to turn over. It turned over very slowly and reluctantly.

But she fired right up! Probably no more revolutions than normal.

I think that E25 is a beautiful fuel. Cheap, high octane, and no startability issues whatsoever. As the ethanol industry starts pushing for mid-grade blends, E20 or E25 shouldn't be an issue to anyone.


Joeypete said...

I think we will see E20+ blends more often and in more places across the country. You are right, it shouldn't be a problem at all and would displace large amounts of gasoline that will help us ease off of oil.

Billyk said...

Renew Fuels in Wisconsin has blender pumps with E10-E20-E85. Blender pumps are the way to go.