Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dialing back on ethanol

Since I got to roughly 50% ethanol per tank, I've found that drivability has suffered (much more hesitation), cold start is an issue (even at 55 degrees, the open loop portion of startup is rough, the car almost stalled once), and mileage isn't great.

So I've decided to run a couple of tanks of regular. This will allow me to get some good data on mileage and LTFT with low ethanol content. It's been a long time since I've run regular, and I don't have this data.

I'll probably run a couple of tanks ot premium as well, just to compare.

Then, more than likely, I'll run E30 through the winter.


2.0 T Boi said...

I noticed hesitant starting in the VW too. It's an issue in the cold but there don't seem to be any other hesitation issues. I used e85 in my lawn mower and find that it simply will not start below 50 degrees until you increase the concentration of gasoline.

I'm backing off the ethanol because the price of gas is below e85 when you consider BTUs.

buzzcut said...

No, the throttle response really started to suck the more over 40% I got.

So you use straight up E85 in your lawnmower in the summer? I've never tried that, I figured it just wouldn't start or run well.

2.0 T Boi said...

The lawnmower loved e85, once it got started. You are correct to assume that it took a lot of effort to start it. I also had to leave the throttle all the way open or it would stall out.

The mower was in my garage when I moved here, so I wouldn't feel too bad if I ruined it.