Monday, March 31, 2008

Another Saabista uses ethanol

An anonymous comment:

I have an '04 Saab 9.3 2T Aero w/6 speed manual non-flex. The preferred fuel for me in it is E20-E30. With 90 octane NL the turbo will only spool to red zone- with E20 it will peg if you nail it and you better get ready for some torque steer. I buy this for about 25 cents less than what 90 octane NL costs. While I have tested E10-E60 in my none flex vehicles and all blends in my flex vehicles for mpg-- I have not yet done this on the Saab. (I picked it up last fall and as a 2wd and low skirt Aero version- it was parked for the winter)

So I'm not the only eccentric Saabista messing around with E85. Cool!

Sounds like Anon is from Minnesota.

My 2.0T has the premium package, which includes the 17 inch rims and skirts from the Aero. I wish I could have gotten the 60th Anniversary package that included the Aero seats. My seats are nice, but the Aero seats are near perfect (and the Convertible seats ARE perfect.)

I guess we don't get enough snow here in the Chicago area to worry about "the snow plow effect" of the air dam. I do scrap the air dam on my driveway every time I pull out, though!


Anonymous said...

Actually fellow Saabista- I am north of you in central WI. I buy from Renew E85 LLC that has 13 stations-all with blender pumps. The E20 is the easiest because I do not have to do the math, just select that grade. I am posting as "ANON" because though I registered, i have not mastered this blog site login. Most tuner sites use a bit different login that works for me- this one may not because I have to run a very high level of security on my pc and server. Perhaps i should try it from home where this would be easier.I had one successful post as "alcohol" before the server shut me off.

buzzcut said...

I wish I had access to a blender pump. It's not just that you don't have to do the math. You also don't have to worry about the switchover from E70 to E75 to E85 depending on the weather. You never know 100% what's coming out of the nozzle!

buzzcut said...
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